Welcome to the Garden.

WOMEN IN WEB3 is a global founder community and DAO of diverse women innovating and venturing together in web3.


Build a better future for everyone.

The current system wasn't built for us, so we're building a new one.

Web3 is the next iteration of the internet, shifting power to the people and enabling real change. We don’t want women, especially underrepresented women, to be left behind. It’s already happening.

Out of 121 of the world’s leading crypto companies, only five included a woman founder*. That’s 4.13%. Women make up 49.58% of the world’s population, but web3 currently doesn’t represent that. We want to close this gap.

Women founders secured only 2% of venture capital money in the US in 2021*. This was the smallest share since 2016, but VCs deployed $30B+ globally into crypto startups in 2021*. As more women are onboarded into web3, aspiring founders need a safe and supportive space to take a seed of an idea to launch. We want to accelerate this process.

DEI leads to representation. We believe women must be an integral part of building the decentralized web. We have the power to humanize web3 and make it more accessible for all. We are committed to cultivating a future that is collaborative, fair, and sustainable—a web that is as diverse as the world we live in.

This is the future we dare to build together.

*Sources: The Street | Bloomberg | Forbes

Take your idea from seed to bloom.

WOMEN IN WEB3 is a vetted community and three-tiered DAO for women founders who want to learn, prototype, and venture together through facilitated cohort experiences. Members receive a Proof-of-Work, dynamic NTT for each completed level. They will gain the knowledge, experience, validation, network, and actionable next steps to venture in web3.

🌱 Level 1: Proof of Knowledge

🌿 Level 2: Proof of Prototype

🌻 Level 3: Proof of Venture

Learn by building and growing together.

WOMEN IN WEB3 started with a Tweet in March 2021 to find women who wanted to learn about web3 together in a psychologically safe space. Our global community has organically grown from a few interested to a strong network of women who are supporting each other in this journey. We have evolved from learning about web3 to bringing more women founders to build and venture in web3.


Our vision is to co-create an equitable internet with women entrepreneurs at the forefront.


Our mission is to level the field for women innovating in web3. Together, we are securing women’s place in the future we all want to see.

Guiding Principles

🌬️ Air = Sustainability

☀️ Light = Community

🌱 Nutrients = Growth Mindset

🌡️ Temperature = Purpose

💧 Water = Integrity

Plant your seed with us.

We are currently building, iterating, and forming a DAO. Join us!


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